1 team, 3 dimensions

Team's three dimensions

We consider the team through three main dimensions.

Our coaching is based on these three themes for which we have developed a vision and specific tools so that the team can progress at its own pace.

# Organization

Guiding teams towards a flexible and evolving organization that serves your objectives.

We help you to structure and streamline your collective functioning through efficient rituals, clear roles and responsibilities and faster decision-making.

# Culture

Shaping a common culture on which the team relies to achieve its ambitions and which fosters team serenity.

We help you build a healthier environment where tensions are addressed and a dynamic system of rules that frames your collective functioning.

# Leadership

Developing the ability of each individual to contribute positively to the performance and well-being of the team.

We work with you to ensure that each team member actively contributes to the team’s ambition in terms of both performance and work climate and develops their ability to inspire others.

Our pedagogy

Experiential pedagogy


Your are fully involved in the implementation of the methods, the practices and the principles.

You experienced it.

Action-oriented Pedagogy


You directly apply the learnings on your context to take your projects forward in a very pragmatic manner.

You define the frame.

Shift Happens : transformative pedagogy


Our trainings enable every participant to become more mindful about the way the group operated and to ignite the change together.

You are the artisans of change.