Our approach

We offer a unique approach to your challenges that takes into account the way you are organised (strategy, governance, operations), your culture and the leadership of your employees.

This reading allows us to make a 360° diagnosis that questions all the facets of your operation in order to bring about a sustainable and healthy change.

We then build together, according to your needs, a transformation plan, the tools to use and the pace at which to intervene.

Team's three dimensions

The organizational dimension

We guide you in the deployment of a flexible and scalable organisation

# Share a clear vision

# Align and commit to key objectives and results (OKR)

# Decide more effectively by clarifying roles & responsibilitie

The cultural dimension

We help you to create a common culture on which the team can rely to achieve its ambitions and which promotes serenity on a daily basis

# Framing the way the team operates

# Co-constructing a system of rules and living rituals

# Maintaining a climate of trust

# Influencing the organisation’s culture

The leadership dimension

We help you to develop the capacity of each person to contribute positively to the performance and well-being of the team.

# Get to know each other better individually and collectively in order to collaborate better

# Develop assertiveness and a culture of feedback for better collaboration

# Encourage your team member to strengthen their ability to inspire and influence the team

Our philosophy

We have no dogma.

Each client is unique and we propose unique solutions based on their objectives, taking into account their specific context (process, culture, tools, etc.).

All transformation is iterative.

No plan can be written 100% in advance. We evolve our support whenever necessary by adapting to your reality and your challenges.

The collective is the catalyst for change

We engage employees as early as possible in the transformation process to maximise its effectiveness.

Our pedagogy

Experiential pedagogy


Your are fully involved in the implementation of the methods, the practices and the principles.

You experienced it.

Action-oriented Pedagogy


You directly apply the learnings on your context to take your projects forward in a very pragmatic manner.

You define the frame.

Shift Happens : transformative pedagogy


Our trainings enable every participant to become more mindful about the way the group operated and to ignite the change together.

You are the artisans of change.