Deploy your strategy effectively with OKRs

The OKR method is an open-source method based on agile principles that enables an organization’s strategy to be executed in a collaborative and highly efficient way.

It is a simple, action-oriented method that has been proven itself in many organizations since the 1970s.

OKR has many benefits:

  • Focus the organization on its priorities
  • Alignment of stakeholders
  • Put meaning back into action
  • Timing in execution
  • And much more

We support you in all phases of the deployment:

👉 Deployment strategy

👉 Definition of the organisation’s OKRs and strategic support for the Ex-Com

👉 Training of employees

👉 Scaling up

👉 Piloting the “run”

Develop the leadership of your employees


In Teams We Trust ©

We’ve design a journey for teams and their managers to align their organization and culture with their ambitions to create a dynamic of sustainable collective effectiveness.

This program is aimed at managers who are committed to maximizing the potential of their team and ensuring that it is more than a sum of its talents.


Team culture booster


A collective workshop designed to enable teams to better understand the way they operate, to develop the leadership of employees and to identify concrete ways to improve collective performance.

The team will be able to identify and better understand :

  • Skills and roles that serve the team
  • Common motivations
  • Areas of risk when the team is under pressure
  • The course is built around the results of scientifically validated psychometric tests (Hogan Assessment) and offers a granular and pragmatic reading of team behaviour and dynamics.

Executive coaching


We design coaching experiences that allow us to work on all dimensions of leadership, based on the strengths of the coachee, but also risk areas and deep motivations.

Our approach is based on the research work of Hogan Assessments, an expert in the field of leadership development research.

Design and facilitate your group time



We help you to make your collective times, moments of alignment, creation and collective learnings.

📌Strategic workshops

📌Support for management committees

📌Corporate seminars

Supporting the development of your managers


Collective training

“First time manager”

Collective training

“Managing through complexity”

Bespoke collective trainings

We adapt the program to your needs