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The challenges of today and tomorrow will not be met by providential individuals but by serene, committed and adaptable teams.

In Teams We Trust© is a journey designed for teams and their managers to align their organization and culture with their ambitions to create a dynamic of sustainable collective effectiveness.

🤠 At the end of this adventure, your team will be able to deliver better, faster and above all more serenely!


In Teams We Trust

This program is aimed at managers who are committed to maximizing the potential of their team and ensuring that it is more than a sum of its talents.

In Teams We Trust philosophy

Team's performance

The performance of a team depends as much on its manager as on its employees.

Team's culture

The culture of a team affects its performance as much as its processes.

Team's purpose

Purpose is the basis of the team's commitment and motivation.

The program at a glance

8 training weekss

1 program, 8 modules

8 weeks to tackle 6 fundamental themes.  The more the team progresses, the more it makes links between the subjects and progresses in its training.

1 program 2 speeds

1 program, 2 speeds

Each week starts with a part of individual reflection and exercise and then builds up in teams.

100% on-demand content

Where you want, when you want

Your time is scarce and precious. Content can be accessed on the fly depending on your availability on computer or mobile.

One dedicated coach

A little extra care

A coach accompanies the team throughout the program, monitoring your progress and answering your questions to ensure that you progress efficiently.

6 themes to strengthen the foundations of your team

 Leadership & team dynamic
Ambitions, impact & alignment
Roles & responsibilities
Decision-making & autonomy
Team culture and behaviours
Learning team

The Tribe

Chloé Garel

Chloé Garel


Nathalie Arrizabalaga

Nathalie Arrizabalaga


Anca Alexe

Anca Alexe


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